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What are the steps to apply for PSG?

Step 1

Check your company eligibility

company eligibility.png

Step 2

Find out what solutions your company needs

company solution.png

Step 3

Check if the solution you need is in the list of readily adoptable solutions


Step 4

Approach pre-approved PSG vendor to confirm they are able to provide the solution


Step 5

Proposal preparation and grant application


Step 6

Wait for Enterprise Singapore to get back on the approval


Step 7

Start implementing solution for your company


Step 8

Submit your claim and complete the process.

  1. Singapore registered company

  2. The company must have a minimum of 30% local shareholding

  3. The company must not have an Annual Sales Turnover of more than S$100 million, or the company Employment Size of not more than 200 workers

  4. The equipment or solutions must be used in Singapore

Who are eligible?

What is Productivity Solutions Grant?

Productivity Solutions Grant is introduced to support Singapore companies who are looking to enhance their business processes through adopting of IT solutions. PSG covers sector-specific solutions including retail, food, logistics, precision, engineering, construction and landscaping industries.


PSG also support the adoption of solutions across industries. Consultancy solutions such as customer management, data analytics, financial management and inventory tracking.

Some of the solutions are website creation/redesign, digital marketing, POS system, accounting, payroll software etc.

Productivity Solutions Grant

Productivity Solutions Grant

Our team of consultants will guide you through step by step.

Let's Get Started

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What our customers say

kiddom logo.jpg

Luisa Jeanne Lim, Partner 
(Kiddom International)

Great Advisory from K.Merleone Team. We are able to claim our PSG Laptops with the help of Kervin and Agnes.


Melvin, Founder 
(Greenspell Pte Ltd)

Kenneth assisted us to set up our company with his seamless process and  guidance, we have successfully incorporated our  new set up worry free.

xiang long.jpg

Lawrence Tan

  • LinkedIn

Great service from K.Merleone team. They have advice me for my family from Malaysia on their Long-term Visit pass and accommodations solutions 

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