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Corporate Strategy

The COVID-19 pandemic presents significant challenges for businesses. Many companies are facing issues with the sudden change of government policies and consumer trends. This calls for a need to review existing business models and internal capabilities to ensure that it remains relevant in the current market conditions


At K.Merleone, we do not merely provide advice. Our team of specialists are well-rounded in coming up with strategies that not only strive to ensure our clients’ business sustainability, but also to enhance their ability to adapt quickly to increase profits, operational resilience, and company growth. Where necessary, we conduct in-depth diagnostics and analytics which will help redefine problems and allow us to make appropriate recommendations. We also promote client learning to improve organisational effectiveness.

Aside from these, K.Merleone also provides a one-stop solution for bizSAFE, F&B license consultancy, legal advice, audit support, grants advisory & more!

Finance Consulting

All businesses require sufficient capital to flourish. However, it is not surprising to see businesses struggle with finding an investor that is aligned with their core values. As such, many businesses look for alternative sources of capital such as through the obtaining business loans from banks and government support.

K.Merleone provides one of the most reliable finance consulting service in Singapore. We have high approval rates in securing business loans for our clients. With K.Merleone, clients can be assured that we will ease their burden by assisting in obtaining the most favourable loan through loan comparison that is suitable for specific business needs.

Our finance consultants also excel in capital optimisation through ensuring that our clients practice efficient use of resources and maintain stable cash flow. Our government grant advisory managed to assist clients by saving over $50,000 through reduction in staff costs, digital solutions and more. Contact us now to find out what grants may be suitable for your business.

Human Resource

Human Resource (HR) is arguably one of the most vital department of a business. It plays a key role in developing the organisational culture. HR experts can minimise company liability in relation to allegations of unfair employment practices. A good HR support function can help companies increase employee satisfaction and performance. However, not all companies are able to invest in a well-built HR department due to limited funds and resources.

K.Merleone provides extensive HR consultancy at a low retainer fee. We provide our clients in-depth advice on the best employment practices and regulations to ensure that they are compliant with legislation. Our HR specialists are constantly keeping track of MOM updates so that we can provide the most accurate advice. Some of the solutions we provide include payroll, employment contracts, employment handbook and recruitment services.

What are you waiting for? Craft your personalised HR approach with K.Merleone now!


Employee training programmes are important as it enhances employees’ work efficiency and performance. It also creates company loyalty as your employees feel that they are valued by the management. The investment in training programme can in turn boost job satisfaction and reduce turnover rates.

Our trainers at K.Merleone are certified with ACLP. K.Merleone provides customisable trainings for Microsoft, data analytics, accounts and finance to suit your business needs. With the current pandemic, our trainers can offer flexible training arrangements to reduce exposure risks and provide a safe environment during training sessions.

Finance Consulting
Human Resource
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