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Mandatory Retrenchment Notifications

The new requirement has kicked in for Mandatory Retrenchment Notifications on 1st November 2021. In order to stay compliant with the regulation we have consolidated the list of important points for you.

Process to submit notification

All Singapore registered business with at least 10 employees and have notify any employee of their retrenchment are required to notify Ministry of Manpower within 5 working days after employees are notified of their retrenchment.

Employers or company representatives are able to notify MOM through this link Do note that company Corppass account is required to log in to the portal. It will usually take 10 to 15 minutes to complete the notification.

List of documents required for the submission.

  • Company name and UEN

  • Company contact person details

  • Name of union (if company is unionised), and whether union was consulted

  • Number of employees on the date of submission of the retrenchment notification to MOM. This includes all employees, i.e. Singaporeans, PRs and foreigners.

  • Details of employees to be retrenched (i.e. name, NRIC or FIN, residential status, job title, date of effective retrenchment, date of notification of retrenchment to employees)

  • Payment of retrenchment benefit and quantum

  • Provision of employment facilitation assistance

Penalty for non-compliance

A penalty of up to $2000 per contravention can be imposed. Hence, we encourage all companies that fall under the above category to notify MOM in a timely manner.

We have put together some resources we think its helpful for you.

For assistance on employment facilitation services, companies can contact the following:

Workforce Singapore (WSG) Phone: 6883 5885

Employment and Employability Institute (e2i) Phone: 6474 0606 Email:

For further clarification on the mandatory retrenchment notifications, companies may approach MOM. Phone: 6438 5122

If you require any advisory, Contact us at or +65 8010 1470.


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